Week Two Winner and Some Other Random Stuff

Heart Status: To have a status here, I need a heart. Can't find mine this week. OR anything else for that matter.

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1. Our winner for Week Two of Saturday Night Lies is Paul Michael Murphy! Congrats! When things settle out, I'll post a new week three paragraph. So ... March, maybe?

2. The Spider Monkey called me a tool. In context.

3. He also learned all about David and Goliath in preschool this week. Unfortunately, he has confused Goliath with Jesus, and keeps threatening to kill Him with a slingshot.

4. We would never give the Spider Monkey a slingshot. Nor would we promote the death of our Lord and Savior via stoning. So we try not to laugh when he says it.

5. The previous story nicely accompanies the tale of our dinner at Waffle House, when Spider Monkey announced to everyone in the establishment that he'd farted, and DH discussed a family members' experience at anger management classes.

6. I wanted to ask for some tips.

7. The Doodlebug got his first report card from his Expensive Private School. It was GREAT. For a reward he asked for a book.

Things Have Changed.

Even though it was the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, this is still Leaps and Bounds from The Way Things Used to Be.

8. It makes the price tag worth it.

9. I started work at a part-time job this week to help out with costs for the Expensive Private School. My second day at work, DH received a completely unexpected bonus. Two, actually.

10. So now I'm trying to decide what is The Right Thing to Do. Do I resign? Do I hang in because I made a commitment? I got next weeks' schedule, which will require me to be away from home three school nights in a row. If I don't corral and maintain the Spider Monkey while DH helps the Doodlebug with his homework (except for reading and writing), the homework doesn't get done.

11. Which kind of puts the Expensive Private School experience in jeopardy.

12. I got my revision notes from Awesome Agent Holly (or Generalissima). I DREAM ABOUT THEM. I can't wait to get to it, I mean, REALLY get to it.

13. Despite the entirety of last weekend, I haven't been able to do so.

14. Which is another reason the part-time job is in danger. Either that has to go or the writing career will. Considering I haven't slept, eaten, seen my family or friends, left my house or watched prime time television in a year and a half because of the writing ... my part-time wage doesn't quite sway me enough to give up all those sacrifices. Not that giving up prime time television is a sacrifice. Well, most of the time.

15. Big Plain V asked about NaNoWriMo, and what Generalissima Holly thought about it. I will answer this topic in another post soon. But for now, I am hiding out with my revisions ...

Until we meet again, be well, and avoid small children with slingshots. The Spider Monkey could possibly fashion one from a blanket and the innards of a teddy bear.

Just a warning.


  1. A tough choice. I know what I would probably do, but...just do what's right for you. :-)

  2. I'm weak, so I would probably stay at the job for a while until I felt I could leave respectfully. All the while I would be wishing I had the guts to say, "See ya!" In the end, your family comes first. If you don't need the money anymore, then you shouldn't stay just b/c you feel guilty about your commitment to a job position that can always be refilled.

    I would send you flowers to cheer you up, but Spider Monkey might make a weapon out of them. Just pretend I did, and he didn't.

  3. You got a job? I missed that. Sorry things are tough right now.

  4. So happy about the report card! :) I just may have to send a little "reward" in the mail... :)

  5. First, woot!

    Second, I'm damn jealous that you ate at a Waffle House. We don't have them up here.

    Third, quit. Seriously. Look at it this way: If your new place of employment suddenly ran into tough times financially, would they hesitate to tell you to take a hike?

  6. See if they notice CJ taking your place at the job.

  7. Good luck with getting to the revising! Believe me I know how that can be. As for the job, you have to do what's right for you, committment or not. Best of luck with both!

  8. *ahem* I need another SATURDAY NIGHT LIES, I've been blackmailed and must participate in at least one of them.

    YAY for bonuses!

  9. Thanks for all the advice and support. I did resign, and I didn't pass out OR hyperventilate while I did it.

    Progress. It is important.

    And, Mrs. Jackson, YOU ARE COMING TO DINNER. That will be the reward.

    Crystal, I solemnly swear I'll get on it.


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