My Interview with Kimberly Pauley, Author of SUCKS TO BE ME!

I recently begged ... um ... convinced the YA Book Goddess herself to submit ... um ... agree to an interview. I think you'll find Kimberly Pauley, also the author of SUCKS TO BE ME, is a truly amazing woman (and also the Nicest Person on the Internet).

Here's a glimpse:

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?


Seriously. But you probably meant a vocation, right? I kind of always wanted something creative and artsy. Writing was always up there for me. I wrote all the time. I also liked art in general. I still paint some.

How were you like/different from Mina in high school? (Aside from the whole vampire thing. I mean, we hope.)

Mina is a lot better at speaking her mind. Even though she’s always got an inner dialogue going that shows that she’s still insecure like all of us are, she often steps up and says what she thinks or does what she feels is right. I like that she doesn’t cave to pressure. I was a bit more timid about that, though some people might argue the point. And I definitely wasn’t as scrappy as Mina is. I’ve never been in any kind of physical fight (not that I haven’t had people I’d like to punch out).

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  1. Fun interview! What a great title for a vampire book!


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