A Glimpse of Emerson

My phenomenal DH has taken the day off to let me nail down my ending so I can get my revisions back to Awesome Agent Holly. Who's Da Man?

In lieu of an actual blog post, I'm going to give you a glimpse of my MC, Emerson. Her playlist has 42 songs on it; here are some of the more telling ones:

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  1. My fave is the Evanescence one. Very eclectic list of artists! Love the playlist idea! I also like the name Emerson as an MC! I hope you got lots done with your hubby on kid duty!

  2. Thanks! And because someone asked, yes, Emerson is short. But Lloyd is also on there because I feel passionately about the dance breaks. Kelly, I know you're with me. ;)

  3. I had to comment on this. I just had to :D

    The guitar break in 42 by Coldplay totally reminds me of Kaleb.

    "Details in the Fabric" by Jason Mraz screams to me of Michael talking to Emerson. Telling her to hold on and be strong, and that he loves her, without actually ever SAYING he loves her. Which is so typical of him (: Mainly the tune speaks of the loving bit.
    Also makes me think a bit of Lily with the 'Hold your own, go your own way' spunky part of the lyrics.

    Sick Cycle Carousel's lyrics make me want to cry for some reason.
    Definitely seems to speak (to me) of Emerson's struggles with being accepted. A bit of her back-and-forth emotions pertaining to Michael.

    "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" needs to be played at the Phone Company. It would totally work in that setting, in my opinion! I can see the ghostly band playing this, haha.

    I have to say, overall, that Emerson's music is a lot...calmer...than I would've expected, yet it fits her so well that I'm now questioning why I thought she'd have more of a rock soundtrack.

    I loved this <3 Music can be very helpful when it comes to relating to people on a soul level.


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