There are a plethora of things that inspire me, but dance is one of the biggest. And while choreographer Mia Michaels scares the pa-shiz out of me, her work absolutely slays me emotionally, in a good way. Today is one of those days when I need to get THERE in my manuscript, the place that HURTS, and I have a limited amount of time to do it.

So thanks to Mia Michaels, this piece allows me to get there fast. And I won't lie. I owe her creation a huge amount of credit when it comes to the relationship between Emerson and Michael (hem, hem ... Michael). So when/if I am published, maybe she'll let me use this as my book trailer?

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  1. Can I tell you that I dig the name Emerson?

    I can?

    I dig the name Emerson.


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