I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there.

On Friday, August 28, 2009, I will send in my revised manuscript to Awesome Agent Holly.

Come hell or high water. Or swine flu. Or a plague of locusts. Or a worldwide shortage of Hot Tamales or, GOD FORBID, coffee. Or ... any number of things really.

Janet Evanovich says that when you decide you're going to write a book you should tell people. It makes you accountable. Because those people will ask you about it, and you'll have to tell them something, and you don't want to tell them you started but didn't finish because you got addicted to Gossip Girl or 90210 reruns or the QVC shopping channel. Or that you obsessively cleaned your whole house, multiple times, including baseboards and light fixtures. Or that you decided now was the time to organize all the pictures you owned, starting with that eighth grade trip to Dollywood.

Not that I know anyone who ever did that. Out of fear of failure, or success, or ... any number of things really.

I remember the responses I got when I told people I was "Writing Finally." Some didn't say much at all - those were from people who already thought I was a might strange, so a foray into fiction didn't surprise them. Others were from people who immediately said they had always wanted to write a book and good for me and asked how I found the time and my very favorite, when would I be published and could they could find my book in bookstores? Or at Target?

Hopefully one day.

But I have to finish it first.

So that's why I'm putting it out there. Because as of Sunday afternoon, I'll be short one Spider Monkey while he goes on a whirlwind vacation with the g'parents before the end of summer. This means I'll have a whole week to proofread, edit, tweak and all those other writerly things one does before sending their final version to their agent.

And then, a whole new batch of paranoia and stress will work its way into my neurotic little mind.

Hopefully, for you, dear blog audience, it will at least be funny ... or any number of things.



And as a special PS:

And, Paul Michael Murphy, at least it wasn't THIS.


  1. Oh, I've been there. Who am I kidding? I am there. You're right about accountability. I told my CP that I'd have work for him this weekend so I'd have work for him this weekend. ; )

    Oh and um, the next time you're procrastinating and feel like doing baseboards... I could DM you my address. ; )

  2. Make the most of your week - I'm jealous =)

  3. The only thing worse than a company actually making that thing is that it sold out.

    God help us all.

  4. OK. On the 28th, I expect to "hear" on this blog that your revisions are to Agent Holly!!! Good luck!!!

  5. Get er done. I'm dying to read it!

  6. Make the most of your week - I'm jealous =)


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