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Exactly one year ago today, Emerson Cole strolled into my brain and started telling me her story. Here's my original opening page:

I didn’t understand why I was the only one who could hear the music.

I kept looking into the crowd from face to face, searching for any hint that I wasn’t losing my mind, that someone else could hear the tinkling of the piano keys, the mournful tone of the saxophone.

But no one else heard it.

No one else saw the man dressed in black either.

It's changed a bit since then. Quite a bit. When I started, I didn't know who the man in black was. Now I do. I didn't know why Em was the only one who could hear the music. Now I do.

I desperately, deeply hope that one day everyone will have access to Emerson's story. My wildest dream is that I'll get to write books two and three. I am so grateful my Creator created me in His image, because that means I get to CREATE. It brings me so much joy.

I've learned a lot in the past year. I really am A.D.D. (No, I didn't know before now. Stop laughing.) I'm not good at balance. I tend to focus on one thing and go for it with everything I have. Sometimes that means I forget other things. My family has suffered because of my lack of wisdom.

I'm working on changing that.

I actually wrote a book. A whole book. I started something - I finished it. Of course, now I'm revising, but that's all part of the process. I like process. It indicates a learning curve - getting it wrong means you might have the chance to get it right. You just try again.

I've had to try again. A lot. I don't imagine that will ever change.

I'm blessed to have friends in my life who have extended GRACE to me when I've gotten it wrong. For that I am beyond grateful. "Hope" used to be my favorite word. "Grace" has been edging up there lately.

We can all use an extra measure of grace, right?

Today marks one year since I started writing WEAVER, so today is Emerson's birthday. AND this is my FIFTIETH post. I think it's tIme to celebrate!

Don't you?

I have five books to give away, as well as a $15 Target gift card and a $15 BooksAMillion gift card. Here's how you win:

If you are a follower (there's a little button you can click up there in the right hand corner if you aren't but want to be), your name is entered once. If you answer the question below in the comments section (comments are at the top of the post, below the title), your name is entered once. If you are both a follower AND a commenter, two chances. I won't choose the winner until Monday, so think HARD about the question. It's research (hint, hint).

QUESTION: If you could have ANY, and I mean ANY superpower, what would you choose and why? If you give me a PARTICULARLY good answer, you might get an extra entry. Work for it people!

And eat some cake. It's Emerson's birthday!


  1. Oh I am sooo all over the superpower thing. I've always wanted to wear a cape and you sort of need a superpower to really pull it off, yanno?

    If I have to pick just one, I'd pick the power to physically go inside the books I love and become a part of their world for as long as I want.

    What? That's not a superpower? Pfft. My back-up power, of course, is the ability to turn into a dragon. I've always loved dragons and seriously, who DOESN'T want to breathe fire sometimes?

  2. Read Minds!

    Then I wouldn't appear to be such a nosy butt with all my questions. I'd already know.

  3. There are so many to choose from...I always wanted to be Wonder Woman, but I think that was more about the tiara, wristbands and boots than her superpowers.

    I have always dreamed of being able to fly or have magic, but if I really was given the opportunity to have one, single superpower it would be something to go on the offensive with.

    I would love to have the power to control things with my mind, including people. To be able to stop crimes, force people to tell the truth, make uncouth humans pay by having them expose their idiocy to the world, protect children and kill the occasional moron driver with a thought would complete my life. Oh, and I'm sure I'd get around to solving the world's problems, like where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

  4. To be able to discern the true meaning of my wife's cryptic comments.

  5. The power to be able to clean up the playroom...like Mary Poppins...She had a superpower, right?

  6. I'd like to be able to teleport. I would save so much time and gas on driving to soccer, judo, dance, gymnastics, play dates, work, the list goes on and on. Maybe then I'd be on time too. Although that's still highly unlikely.

  7. Happy Birthday, Emerson! Can't wait to read you when you're done!

    And about that super power... I'll take magical house cleaning ability ala Mary Poppins!

  8. Ah! Joanna and I think alike! I want the WHOLE house, though. Not just the playroom!

  9. Dang it! I wish I'd thought of the Mary Poppins super power!

  10. ah, to be able to fly, leap over tall buildings and stop a speeding bullet??? decisions, decisions, decisions

    in all honesty, I would love to have the ability to discern a person's true feelings, their true motives, to see through what they are saying and know exactly what they are their, what their desire is and to see through their mask. I just hate being duped, lied to and dealing with all the bullcrap. Plus, I don't like it when the people I love get messed over.

  11. I want the power to grant sincere wishes to people who are truly in need. The ability to know when someone needs a blessing just to get through the day. Oh yeah and the funds to be able to provide them. Snap my fingers and the cash is there.

  12. I'm a private follower. I like your blog a lot. :)

    Not very interesting I guess, but I'd want to slow down time, or add an hour in whenever I needed or wanted it. Oh, the things I could do! Conceivably, I could take over the world, but I'd probably just write more. And spend more time playing with my daughters.

  13. I haz no Internet so winners will be announced tomorrow! :(

  14. Better late than never...
    My super power would be the ability to both give and take away cellulite and fat rolls (Just call me the dimple fairy!)....skinnies beware! Would I use my power for good? Of course! For evil? Every freaking day! :)

  15. I'm a private follower. I like your blog a lot. :)

    Not very interesting I guess, but I'd want to slow down time, or add an hour in whenever I needed or wanted it. Oh, the things I could do! Conceivably, I could take over the world, but I'd probably just write more. And spend more time playing with my daughters.


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