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If you like paranormal suspense with bite and a heroine with a spine of steel and firearm skills, Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angels is for you.

Welcome to the world of Dru Anderson. It’s not pretty. Danger lurks around every corner for Dru and her dad. She’s seen too much in her sixteen years, moving from town to town to hunt ghosts, suckers and wulfen. Then Dru’s world goes pear-shaped – in the form of her dad as a reanimated corpse – and she’s on her own.

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Ghost Huntress: The Awakening is the first book in Marley Gibson’s new series about Chicago girl Kendall Moorehead, who’s just moved to the deep South – Radisson, Georgia, to be exact. Not only does Kendall have to adapt to small town ways, she has to deal with the voices she hears in her new house...voices from another realm.

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Strange Angels is one of those books you hope to see made into a movie just because of the kick a$$ heroine. St. Crow doesn't pull any punches. She throws everything possible at Dru, and the entertainment value of watching Dru fight her way out of impossible situation after even more impossible situations is worth big money.

Part two , Betrayals, is due out in November, and I'm already sweet talking the publisher for an ARC! If you're an adult reader who wonders what all the fuss is about in Young Adult publishing, Strange Angels is a good place to start.

Warning - there is some harsh language - but like I said in my review for YABC, if your dad was a zombie, you'd cuss, too.

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