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1. I am about one tenth of the way into revisions on Weaver (for Awesome Agent Holly). Nathan Bransford had a great post yesterday about agent revisions and spiffing up your manuscript before it ever goes on submission to publishing houses. His logic is part of the reason I really wanted an agent that was going to ask for revisions.

2. However, no one mentioned the Revision Mafia Ducks, or as CJ Redwine calls them, "Holly's Minions." Of course, CJ has her own issues with were-llamas and zombie goats.

3. But seriously. We were at the beach earlier this week and we had a sweet little screened in porch where I sat to work on my revisions.

And there were these ducks.

That kept standing outside the screen door.

And they wouldn't stop looking at me.

4. Hopefully I left them in Florida, but I took pictures. (See above for example.) I'm going to put one on my desk to keep me from slacking off.

5. Ducks are creepy. Especially up close.

6. Have a happy Friday! I'm going to Lowe's to buy plants to replace all the ones that died while we were on vacation.

7. Don't forget to water.


  1. I'm so incredibly excited that you won a website! A fantastic website is a great publicity tool.

    Speaking of tools...ducks, eh? I guess we'll have to add them to the list. Though honestly, I find pigeons far more creepy.

  2. You are always a winner! Congrats once again!

    Ducks & pigeons are extremely creepy.

  3. What's up with the pictured duck's attitude? It's all, Pageant Duck meets Undercover Spy with a touch of Beady Eye thrown in for good measure.

  4. THAT WAS THE ACTUAL DUCK THAT KEPT LOOKING AT ME. Swear. See why I was creeped out?

  5. I apologize, but I find nothing wrong with said duck. It was merely gauging how receptive you are to cute things. That look means it wished to come home with you and live out the rest of his life entertaining your children. Am I the only one who speaks both duck & rodent?

  6. No apology needed. But I can promise that wasn't what that duck was saying. Because seriously, ANYTHING, even a ZOMBIE, that promised to entertain my children would have been stuffed into my suitcase and whisked away to my home. Except the zombie would probably cause me to buy new luggage.

  7. Heather has a point, albeit a small one. Ducks are cute. In comparison to geese, who don't bother to stare you down before they charge. Or goats (and you know how I feel about that). Or certain members of Congress.

    Wait. Maybe they're Duck Minions too.

    OH, LOL. Word verification: DUCledn

    Like sleddin', only with Ducks.

  8. I told you I'd water and you told me not to!


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