The Genre Rainbow and Guest Blogging

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GUESS WHAT? I'm a guest blogger! Yup, someone was crazy enough to ask, and I said yes! Might as well infect the world with my ... infectiousness.

I'm over at Working Stiffs today, which is a blog for crime writers. Crime writers, you say? But, Myra, I though you wrote Young Adult paranormal romance?

I do. Well, either that or urban fantasy. I kind of can't figure out which.

The world of writing genres is a rainbow. You've got your romance, your crime, your paranormal, your (gasp) literary fiction, your steampunk, your cozy mystery, your classics ... it's an endless list and every category has a million subcategories. My point is that you can gain knowledge from every niche, not just the one in which you write. Suspense writers know how to build tension. Romance writers grant sensory details with a wanton wand. Everybody has a specialty. Don't be afraid to explore outside your comfort zone.

Keeps ya fresh.

All this to say ... that's not what I posted about. I wrote about connections and social media.

Are you waiting for me to click the link for you? Get your bohunkus over there and read it!

Right HERE.

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  1. Where the fart do you find these wacky pictures? And I'm obviously really behind the times because I don't even know what the samhell Pandora is.


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