Those Cows Didn't Think It Was Funny at ALL...

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So I promised the details on how Kroger almost became the latest place "Where Spider Monkey and I Are No Longer Welcome."

The Spider Monkey needs a lot of things to do. He's not your "normal" three-year-old and we're fine with that; it means he fits in perfectly with the rest of the family. I had to run to the grocery store and I wasn't in any hurry, so I offered to let SM push one of those mini-carts.

You already know it's bad, right?

He did extremely well through the whole experience - until we got to the refrigerated section. Some fruit loop had hidden the pizza crusts behind the cinnamon rolls and I took my eyes off him for one second.

One. Second.



I look up to find that my helpful little Spider Monkey has knocked over not one, but two displays of Laughing Cow cheese.

I learned a long time ago that some things aren't really worth getting excited about. It wasn't like it was a display of, say, top shelf liquor in glass bottles. It was cheese in cardboard containers. Then he responded.

"HOLY CRAP. Kroger is going to be SO MAD."

After I stopped laughing, we got the display put back together and the cheese picked up. No other shoppers came down the aisle; no employees came to help (although I have the sneaking suspicion they were hiding out, rewinding the security tape to watch it again and again).

Even if we had been shunned? Soooo worth it.

Coming soon...all about the day we got kicked out of the library.


  1. I love it when little kids say things that are darn funny, especially when they don't realize it. And don't worry. There are other grocery stores.;-)

  2. Holy crap! Thanks! I needed a laugh today.

  3. I spent the entire 10 seconds of waiting for the post's text to load laughing my fool head off at the pic of the cow.

  4. Laughing cow. Classic. Ya gotta love Charlie for KNOWING...ya know?
    And for the record, my security word below is "nutifi." NUT-I-FI!

  5. Holy crap! I will never look at Laughing Cow ever the same! Thanks for the great laugh!

  6. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!


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