Smiling Is My Favorite

On iTunes: I can't see to find the icon

Heart Status: I'm FINE!

I spent four hours in a room with nine toddlers. I don't know my name. I've lost vision, hearing, and possibly bladder control.

I'm gonna let Rachelle Gardner blog for me today. She discusses the odds of actually getting an agent. This is more for my non-writer friends who really have no idea what I'm talking about when I tell them where I am in the process. But I truly appreciate the glazed looks and the nodding. And the smiling. "Smiling is my favorite!" ~ Buddy the Elf

And, seriously, if no one wants to represent me...I don't know. Below, in red, I will graph my current emotional state.


Was that clear?

My current tally is ten queries, five requests for fulls and one for a partial. I lied (unintentionally) somewhere and said six fulls, but I guess if you count that Firebrand still has my full that really is six.

But again, I don't know my name. I repeat:


Now I'm going to go stare at Golden Girls reruns because I can't watch the LOST finale with everyone else because I still have ten - yes, ten - episodes on the DVR.

I wrote a book this year, you know.


  1. Well you're way ahead of most of the field. Finish strong!

  2. Loss of bladder control is soooooooooo cool. Remember Johnny Legend?

  3. And really? Your post just rocks b/c it's got a picture of Buddy. Classic.

  4. And what a fine book it is my friend!!!

  5. I'm feeling emotionally flat-lined as well. I may never go back to writing. It's so depressing. But then I'm depressed when I'm not writing, too.

    Being a writer stinks.

  6. Miss Christine - You know you don't mean it. Being a writer is hard - hard to explain, hard work, hard to define - but it doesn't stink. My writing might stink, but that's why we have revisions.

    Remember why you love it and do it for that reason. When it's still just your story, you can enjoy it, tweak it, trash it, whatever. But love your story and love your gift. I've read enough from you to know you have one. ;)

    And if that doesn't cheer you, I'll record myself doing an impression of a Fly Girl.

  7. I can't do it, Myra. I'm so depressed. Ugh.

    I feel like it's writing vs. the rest of my life, and ROML wins every time.

    Sorry to be such a downer! Puppy, anyone?

  8. P.S. You wrote a book in a year? With small children at home? I'm so impressed! I have one child who is in school and am going on year three.

  9. I actually wrote 60, 000 words of one book from last April to the middle of last July, trashed it, and wrote Weaver from mid-July to this April. The first one was UTTER CRAP, but the best learning experience ever. (And there were two more before that, but we don't speak of them.) And, half my friends are mad at me, I ditched PTO, and I have no idea what happened on any show all year long. And the circles under my eyes are as big as half moons.
    AND, it's not high fantasy, so I didn't have to do the kind of world building you do. Think about JK. Five years of plotting before the first word was written. KEEP THE FAITH!

  10. Oh, Okay, well... I wrote 45,000 words the first Spring and Summer, while going to night school. That was 2007. Then I barely touched it during the 2007-2008 school year, which I have decided to refer to as "the lost year." (the year I taught middle school... the year from hell.)

    THAT was utter crap. But useful. So, I started over at the beginning last summer, wrote about 80,000 words between June and this March, then went back to the beginning again and am revising / rewriting as I go. It was almost finished, but not quite.

    So this is like draft, I don't know, 1.5? 2 1/4?

  11. And really? Your post just rocks b/c it's got a picture of Buddy. Classic.


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