Relief...We All Need It

And I got it by laughing myself silly at a poem titled...wait for it....Runny Poo. I'm proud to say I sort of inspired it.
Paul Michael Murphy, Bruce Coville would be proud.


  1. My fragile ego couldn't handle the fact that this post had no comments.

    So now it does.

  2. It should encourage you greatly to know that my husband WILL NOT STOP saying "Hershey Squirts."

    So thanks.

  3. Myra, This is my first time here via the always gross and sometimes talented Paul Murphy. (I love his blog, but please don't tell him.)

    Nice query! Not my genre, but very well done. You should be published in no time.

    I'll be following you from now on, so you might want to behave yourself. Stop over to my place if you get a chance. I've pulled out a comfy chair for you so you can sit a spell.;-)

  4. Debra - I visited and liked it so much I'm following you back!

    And I expect you NOT to behave yourself. Life's so much more fun when you don't!


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