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Yesterday after an awesome RWA workshop on voice (thanks, CJ!), I met Dear Husband and the kiddos for lunch. I walked into the restaurant and promptly wished for a vat of bleach in which to stick my head.

Not one waiter in the bunch, only waitresses. Waitresses who basically forgot to put on their pants. Waitresses wearing spaghetti strap tanks emblazoned with the words "Best T@il in Town." Not printed words, BEDAZZLED words.

However, this did not upset me. What upset me was when DH relayed an incident that occurred when he and some business associates were last there. DH pointed to a particular waitress, sharing the fact that her breasts weren't real. I arched one eyebrow and he, fearing for his life, explained that one of the "businessmen" at his table had asked the waitress about said breasts, to which she replied, "Oh...I worked really hard for these."

*stunned silence*

Excuse me? What the h#ll? This is where logic ends and p*ssed off takes over. I understand some women might have good reason to use their assets to make money at such an establishment. They have a right to work at the restaurant, just as I have the right to never go there again.

But WHAT makes it OKAY for a man to ASK a woman something like that and a) GET AWAY with it and b) GET AN ANSWER instead of a KICK in the TEETH?

Was it okay for him to ask what he did because she chose to work there and "had it coming?" Do you see where I'm going with this? And how did the person who hired her (IE - deemed her body worthy) explain that shirt when he/she handed it to her? "Oh, forgive the double entendre," or "BTW, in case you didn't know we hired you for your T and A" ???
Males did work there, and they were wearing perfectly lovely, loose fitting t-shirts. And they were busboys. And they were probably TWELVE. And are probably scarred for life.
Let's take a moment to celebrate a win for women everywhere.
Congrats, Rachel Alexandra. You did us all proud. And pinky swear you'll never wear a bedazzled tank top.


  1. Ummm...NO. It was not okay for a man to ask a woman that question, nor would it be okay for a female to ask that question. AND, I also find it kind of stupid (I can say stupid & love to since my daughter can't read well yet) that the implant woman would answer. As you said...what the h#ll??? What amuses me though is that DH actually brought up the conversation. :)

  2. He ended up being *real* sad about it.

  3. In defense of men everywhere I say the following:

    If she didn't want men to notice her breasts (and maybe even comment on them) she would not have paid to have them augmented, nor would she have chosen to work at an establishment requiring a uniform that drew attention to her tatas.

    And, just curious, what's the name of the place? ;)

  4. PMM,

    1. You said tatas.

    2. It wasn't Hooters.

    3. True.

  5. For the record, your blog comes up second when you do a Google search for "best tail in town" and "Nashville."

  6. I'm with Paul. But then, I'm also married to a construction worker. Not that he would ever ask a woman that question, but he knows plenty of guys who would, and plenty of woman who would respond as she did.

    Basically, the world is populated with people who find such conversations as normal as... um... Edward on a stick? Parmesan cheese sandcastles? All the other weird and stupid things we say on Facebook? You get the picture!

    She was probably proud of them. I would be, if I had any, real or not.

  7. Radagast - I don't know who you are, but thanks for the best laugh I've had all day. I will amend this...immediately.

  8. My cousin lives in Nashville. He's a musician. He must know where this is! I have to find out now. ;o)

  9. He really likes Cajun food. And I don't get excited about sparkly tank tops, in general. We'll go back - we'll just get take out.

  10. My cousin lives in Nashville. He's a musician. He must know where this is! I have to find out now. ;o)


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