Random Friday Shallow Thoughts

I like lists. Lots of bloggers make lists. Lots of bloggers also tell everyone what music is playing as they are writing. I'm gonna do that, too. I'm just giving fair warning so you don't expect anything original today.

1. On my iTunes: John Legend...Slow Dance. *sigh*

2. I slept with conditioner in my hair last night. I left a towel wrapped around my head, so when I took it off this morning I had Bride of Frankenstein hair. Carpool drop off was fun.

3. I have diagnosed myself with fear of failure. Or success. I'm not sure.

4. Now on iTunes...Corrine Bailey Rae...does it really matter what it is? I mean, it's Corrine Bailey Rae. She could sing the entrees from a German restaurant menu and I'd buy it.

5. It didn't take me the length of two songs to come up with number four. I was distracted by my Spider Monkey who just carried a floor lamp upstairs. Maybe I should try some parenting today.

6. I'm scared to send out my query letters in case no one wants to read my book. Or in case they do. I'm not sure.

7. Tonight I will be attending a party celebrating the midnight release of the Twilight movie DVD. I'm going to the party to observe teenagers in their natural habitat. It's research. Plus, I'm holding a camera for one of the co-owner's of The Twilight Lexicon (Update: Yours truly recorded the whole release party in night vision. Night vision. Pretty sure I'm fired.).

8. Tomorrow night I will be hosting a viewing party of the Twilight movie DVD. I'm having the party to observe thirty-something-year-old women in their natural habitat. Just for fun.

9. I need to reduce the amount of stress in my life, so I am going to ground myself from reading agent blogs over the weekend.

10. I'm lying.

11. Now on iTunes: B.B. King...How Blue Can You Get.

Crap. On that note, we'll end. Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm just being honest. ;-)

  2. Hi Myra,

    How are you?

    i'm sorry to bother you, but I've recently started up a community forum for writers called the The Writer's Chronicle(mainly for those who blog) where we can meet and discuss all that is writing with other 'online' writers. Also with the recent addition of some published author members we have decided to set up a section to support published writers and help them promote themselves and their books - as we all know how hard it is to get published and how its even harder to get a large readership!

    I know this email is out of the blue, but i was hoping that you might drop in and take a look around and perhaps join if your interested?

    I'd greatly appreciate it,


    Emily Cross

    Here is the link: http://thewriterschronicle.forumotion.net/forum.htm

  3. You need to go to the blog to get some links for you gadget list...she is an Edward "fan" also!



  4. Totally agree with #3 and #6. I just have to keep reminding myself that the only reason I'm writing this book in the first place is that it a) it will kill me if I don't and b) God will kill me if I don't do what He clearly and emphatically told me to do. Not that I'm saying God gave me some divine message to write for humanity, but just that I need to use this gife he gave me or else.

    Just Do It - and leave the outcome to Him! If we are faithful, he will be faithful to reward us, even if it's just with a manuscript our kids can read when they are older, and then publish posthumously and make piles of money after our death, which will then result in holographic movies of our seminal works in Christian-themed fantasy which create a worldwide revival and forestalls the coming of the antichrist. You see, it all works out in the end.

  5. Oh, btw, that YouTube video I just posted... I didn't create that. I don't want to give the wrong idea. I just love it and watch it over and over. The whole "natural habitat" idea.

  6. I haven't done the sleep in a towel thing in sooo long...must do it next time husband is away (I'm thinking he wouldn't enjoy the towel in his face)!

  7. Lol, your post made me laugh. I am on a personal mission today to find anything that will make me laugh. It's celebration day--if you check our my blog, you'll see why. Keep encouraged in your writing. If nothing else, I can tell you have an excellent voice (as far as prose writing goes, that is)! Wouldn't know about the other. Have a great weekend!


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