And She's Off...


I just brewed a cuppa PG Tips for an hour and drank it in one ginormous gulp. Watch out. She's caffeinated.

On iTunes: Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'Angelo...the edited version. I think the unedited version would make me sweaty. I did graduate from a Baptist college.

So...I'm reading an advance copy of a book for a review for YABC that includes tons of slang and pop culture references.

I don't know if I like it.

The story is fine, the voice is wonderful, but I can't help thinking that in ten years it's going to be lame (Do the kids say lame these days?). I can't imagine putting as much time, effort and energy into a story as I've put into mine just to have it be irrelevant before the next season of American Idol begins.

I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer knew which CD Bella was listening to on her portable CD player in Twilight while she was trying not to think about Edward (Linkin Park, FYI). Steph was afraid to mention the name of the band in case it wasn't popular by the time the book came out.

Umm...how's your portable CD player?

I realize such references make a main character relateable and hip (I know there's a better word than hip in popular culture, but I'm not hip enough to know it and I don't have time to find out -I'm too busy trying to keep pants on my toddler). I used the word "stank" in one section of dialogue in Weaver and I'm seriously considering kicking it to the curb...er, getting rid of it.

Grammar Girl has a great post about just this (And if you want a laugh, I highly suggest reading the comments section. Do these people not know they're talking to GRAMMAR Girl for the sake of all that's grammatically holy?).

Anywho, I'm off to finish editing and keeping my fingers crossed that my first batch of queries go out by the end of the week. Right.

This, from the girl who obsessively edits other people's Facebook statuses.




  1. So funny--I was thinking, "Uh, portable CD player?" when I read that part, too... great minds.

    I didn't know about GRAMMAR GIRL, thanks for sharing. I have had a grammargirl Hotmail address for over 10 years now, since I was freelancing the first time. I bet I get a lot of email intended for her! Checking it out now...

  2. She has a free podcast on iTunes. Good stuff...

  3. LOL- you are too funny.

  4. Stank? Really? Stank???...Really???

  5. Stati? You *are* obsessed. This time of year, I can't help wondering if we should be calling "crocuses" croci.

  6. HEY!!! I still use one of those Walkman thingy's. My virgin fingers have never touched an IPod. I kid you not. Except maybe when I was teaching school last year. I confiscated all kinds of electronic devices from kids who weren't supposed to be using them in class.

    Basically I just don't listen to music that much, and I can't bring myself to shell out for new technology I won't use but occasionally when my portable CD player still works fine.

    Word verification: Bawlingl - the ability to cry in two languages.

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels compeled to edit everything ... I am so bad for censoring/editing myself even when IM'inng folks


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